Valuation criteria

The following factors are important to us to determine the price of brand name watches:

The condition. This is a decisive factor for the price of every luxury watch. Is it in brand new condition, or does it show clear signs of wear and use? Are all documents available including the purchase invoice, the original packaging and the instructions, or are these no longer available?

Has the watch been repaired before? If so, were genuine parts used? Is documentation of the repair available?

A further factor is whether the watch model is still made or if it is a vintage watch with antique value. Limited edition collector’s items, antique watches with special features such as embellishments, gemstones or other decorations generally have a higher value than other commercially available fine watches.

As you see, the price is determined by many aspects that can only be ascertained with a personal inspection of the watch in question. However, as professionals we also offer you online appraisal and valuation. Without any obligation and free of charge.

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